Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Anniversary of a Goodbye

On our One-Year-Since-Leaving-LA anniversary - LAnniversary, if you will - what better gifts than ear muffs and a micro Millenium Falcon?
Today is the first anniversary of the day we left Los Angeles and began our multi-stage journey to Berlin. We spent all of January 7, 2014 feverishly packing our apartment into a Uhaul truck and cleaning the empty rooms. Rahsan's sister came to help us, but it still took all day. It was a hectic and exhausting day, and our emotions ran high as we said a final goodbye to our home of over five years. Once we finally hit the road, we were so tired that we ended up checking into a hotel and finishing the drive the following morning. But it was the beginning of our adventure - seven days later we were in Berlin, taking the first steps of setting up a new life here.

One year has flown by, and we are living in our lovely flat in the pulsing heart of the this vibrant city. We've had a difficult year in many ways, but also a rewarding one, and we feel vindicated in our decision to take the plunge and drove out of LA on that fateful night.

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