Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Update on Candy!

So we got an update on Candy from her new caretaker about a week ago. I've been so wrapped up in the move that I haven't stopped to really look at this picture and think about her new life. We hear that this is what Candy does the most, which is no different from when she was with us. Look at that mug. Doesn't it look like there's a little smile on that face??? 

I appreciate this photograph. This photograph pains me. 

I believe she's happy, but how can I be absolutely sure that she has forgotten her former life? I have to believe it, for my own sake. I'm confident in one thing- she has the well-deserved pleasure of being the only kitty in the house- and NOT being picked on by Flash. She can lay in the sun, in peace.

Separately from this update, we heard that a friend of a friend (the wonderful matchmaker) visited Candy's new home and saw that she and her new landlord (it's always the kitties' house, isn't it?) are becoming the best of friends. That and this picture was the best news I've heard all week. <3


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