Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Potsdamer Platz and the Berlinale

Last night we visited Potsdamer Platz - the main downtown plaza - for the first time to attend the Berlinale International Film Festival. There was a special memorial screening of Capote for Philip Seymour Hoffman, so it was a bitter-sweet evening. Here are photos we took along the way:

Potsdamer Platz - pretty typical of every other U-Bahn station

Quick picture inside the train. Not thrilling, I know.

A BVG (Berlin's transit authority) ticket controller. We hear that these plain-clothed spies enter the train to do random checks, but this was the first time it happened to us. It was interesting to see him sit down like everyone else, only to pop up suddenly when the doors closed to demand the tickets of all passengers. I tried to be sly and take a picture of the guy from my lap, but then my stupid flash went off! I'm sure he knew what I was doing. He didn't ticket me, though. :)

A bit of the Platz

This is one of the main train stations that connects outside of Berlin.

We didn't investigate this installation at all, but the backdrop reads "Rainbow Flame Berlin", and was clearly a silent protest against the Sochi Olympics. Berliners are known for their political activism.

Walking along one of the pedestrian-only side streets to the Cinemaxx theater (not a filthy theater, really)

Why is there a Tony Roma's in downtown Berlin? P.S. They also had a "Pizza Hut Restaurant"...

This makes a little more sense.

Where the celebrities gather and the world watches

Inside the theater they had this huge tower of joy. Giant Ritter Sports stacked to the ceiling!

We're addicted to these now because they're only 1 euro here...

The screening was packed. It was a very powerful few hours.

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