Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You Are Leaving the American Sector

We headed out this afternoon to view an apartment in a great little corner of the city near Checkpoint Charlie. We haven't really done much of the touristy Berlin stuff yet, being so focused on life and work, but we took a few minutes to walk past the checkpoint (we'll return again to visit the museums and exhibits nearby). We were also just observing the fabric of life in this city. Here are some pics from our walk...

Like in every other major city I've been to, I saw a man hunched over and sleeping in the midst of the tourists and commuters. I also saw these "normal" people pass him by, even stepping over him just to get to their train.

You have to fit the Starbucks in somewhere.

Museum on the left, historic landmark in the middle, McDonald's on the right.

"You Are Leaving the American Sector". I was very frightened.

"You Are Entering the American Sector. Carrying Weapons Off Duty Forbidden. Obey Traffic Rules."

"The Last Kremlin Flag"

There was (were?) more than one of these...

"Checkpoint Curry". Heheh.

A tunnel between the U6 and U2 platforms

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