Monday, December 16, 2013

Art, Shopping, and Candy

This afternoon, while I was working on Think Tank #12, Shannon began the process of gathering web-sourced images for a collaborative art project we are doing for a show in Berlin. Despite everything we have going on, this show is actually taking place just before we arrive in January, so we absolutely must finish it before the end of the month. Of course that brings stress because there are many other things on our to do list, but it is of course exciting to already be participating in the Berlin art scene. We'll talk more about this project later, but you can get a hint of what we're working on over here.

On a positive note, we got some very necessary holiday shopping done. Well, Shannon did. ;) Thank Thor for web stores!

Also, we will soon be meeting with the kind person who has volunteered to adopt our senior kitty, Candy. We will definitely talk more about her and that whole process in the future. The brief explanation is that Candy is too old and delicate to be flown halfway around the world, so we had to cast a very wide net among our friends and family to find her a new home. After much worry, we finally seem to have found someone, and we're about to begin the process of transitioning her. It's going to be emotional but it's for the best!

Days to Takeoff: 27

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