Thursday, December 12, 2013

OMG ONE MONTH or "There. And back again?"

In fifteen minutes, the clock will pass midnight and we'll have less than ONE MONTH before we leave.


That's how long we have before we get on that eleven hour flight to our new life in Berlin. We have so much to do before that! We have to pack up our house, we have to learn German (a little behind on that one! whoops), do tons of networking, take care of all sorts of paperwork for our kitty, get German health insurance, put together our visa applications, change our address with EVERYONE, give all our furniture away to family, buy Christmas presents buy warm gloves and socks for the 15 DEGREE weather stock up on the many prescriptions needed paint the apartment anddoanythingwepossiblycanto getourdepositbackwhileworkingourassesofatbothofourjobsupuntilthelastsecond...

But you know what? We couldn't be happier.

Days to Takeoff: 31

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