Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day of Cleaning: Part 1

Today was the Day of Cleaning: Part 1 on our calendar. We are so worried about getting every cent of our apartment deposit back that we bought special supplies to clean everything. Like super matter-eating orange oil that destroys goo and gunk. We scraped off the filthy grout around our shower tub and reapplied new clean white grout. Our tub looks so clean now, I'm mad we didn't do this before!

It's also Christmas Season, so I felt pressure to get a tree tonight. We closed the door to the bathroom to keep our cats away from the cleaning supplies and spent a few hours getting a cute $30 tree and decorating it, accompanied by Home Alone and brandy-spiked eggnog.

We didn't get nearly enough cleaning done... Let's hope it gets done this week. *Fingers Crossed*

Day to Takeoff: 28

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