Friday, March 7, 2014

A Stroll in Rudolph Wilde Park

Yet another daytime trip Rah and I needed to make today was to the customs office (or Zollamt) in Schöneberg. I had some medication that needed to be shipped to me, because Blue Shield was late in getting it to me before I left. (Yes, I'm naming names.) What I and the family member that shipped it to me hadn't anticipated was that we shouldn't have claimed it as 'medication' on the customs form. I hadn't really thought it through, but I figured at the most I would need to provide proof that I was legally prescribed said medication before I left. Nope. Any prescribed medication (not an over-the-counter drug) is not allowed into the country unless it is on your person when you enter. Yep. The customs agent told us that if I said there was no medication in the package, they would have to open it to check, and if medication was found, it would have to be "destroyed". However, if I told them up front that there was medication inside, they would simply return it to the sender. Obviously we chose the second option, which at least makes it possible to retrieve the meds in the future. Anywho, the lesson learned is do everything you can to bring the meds with you upon entry, don't write medication on the customs form, and if they hold it at the Zollamt- tell the truth about what's inside.

The good news about today? We stumbled across a little piece of magic called the Rudolph-Wilde-Park, which has... well... here are some pictures to tell the story...

This cool looking building houses the U-bahn station!
There are windows to look in/out of the station and steps for people to hang out and eat their lunch...
...and see this...
...and this!
Above the building were several statues. I'm not sure what the story is here.
The Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Technologie, und Forschung (Senate Department for Economics, Technology, and Research)
I took a break. Beautiful sights all around.

Now onto our brief but refreshing stroll through the park...

This park is going to be beautiful and packed during summer!
I hope it's packed with hotties like this

It was a great day. <3

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