Friday, March 28, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Our First Home in Berlin

It was an "altbau". It was cold. It was quiet until the church bell rang. It was desolate yet near. It was expensive. It was exhausting. It was posh, with graffiti.

It was where we learned to drink beer as a meal. It was where we acclimated to the cold temperature and cold people. It was where I wore my big coat every day. It was where I was frightened and where I was invigorated. 

You didn't need to know which way was north, only which way the steeple was.

The bell rang at 8am, noon, and 6pm.
So few people compared to where we are now
In Berlin, beautiful, possibly fancy flats hide behind the tagged doors. 
The graffiti shouldn't make you worry, it should just remind you of which city you live in. Artists. Everywhere.

Details like this aren't found in the newer buildings. It's one thing we'll definitely miss.
The daunting task is before us... 
By the time we got to the 4th floor... that was it. We were done.
Our vision was blurred. I mean, this HAS to be our floor, right?
And we're hooooommme! How long before I stop seeing spots?
I waited for Rahan as he went up all by his lonesome. He often carried the heavy loads and the burden of multiple trips up and down the stairs, just so I wouldn't have to. This spooky looking guy is the best in the world. Really. It's in the dictionary. Go on. Fact check it.

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