Sunday, March 16, 2014

"A Winter's Day" - Our First Taste of Berlin's Art Scene

On Thursday night we went to the opening of a three-day pop-up art gallery in eastern Neukolln. We were invited by one of the exhibiting artists, a photographer named Vytautas Serys ( We know him through Meetup, and he's part of the photography group that Shannon participates in (as mentioned in previous posts). 

The event was in a maze-like complex of buildings next to a canal. There seemed to be multiple event spaces tucked away here. There was a raucous party going on in a building above the main gate, with Middle Eastern music blaring and women in headscarves coming in and out. But further back, in a sort of empty seeming building, there was a staircase dotted with candles leading us upstairs to a big open space that had been converted into this temporary gallery.

The theme was "A Winter's Day". A quirky addition was the not so strict "20s theme" dress code. There was a mix of paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography on display, plus a live band and a bar, so the place was loud and lively and filled up fast. We had mixed reactions to the artworks - some were quite interesting but others didn't move us (normal for any gallery, of course). Nevertheless, it was a fun time and a peek into the Berlin art scene, of which we still know little but are eager to learn. <3
A print of a painting made from dust and water. By Blaz Kutin.

A few of Vytas's photographs. His snowy photos were taken all over the globe, but some were from a very recent trip to Antarctica. 
Vytautas Serys -

More photographs from Vytas.
All of the beautiful glasswork was by Thor Karlsen.
Thor Karlsen
Thor Karlsen

Sculpture by Frederique Lanquetin.


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